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Pipe Thawing

Frozen Water Lines? We Can Help

At Vegely Welding Inc., in Pittsburgh, PA, we have fully equipped service trucks with 400+ amp arc welders to supply the current required to thaw frozen water pipes in both residential and commercial buildings.  When plumbers can't thaw it, they call us.

The freeze is often located outside of the building, between the house and the water company's valve called the curb box.  Water lines freeze when the frost line is below the depth at which the pipes are buried.  Because the ground stays cold, frozen pipes often remain frozen long after the air has warmed.  Not only is it inconvenient to have no water, but the frozen water in the lines can eventually expand enough to break the water lines.  The best way to avoid frozen water lines is to leave the water running in the house when forecasted temperatures are low.  

Some information on frozen pipes:

  • Before we arrive, you will want to locate your curb box.  It is a round metal cap marked "water" in your yard or sidewalk.  If you can't locate it, call your water company and have tem locate it.

  • Locate the water meter inside your home or building and clear around it for our technicians to work.  There will be some water on the floor throughout the process.